We started the TAAKT project because we are driven by the combination of form and function. To us, a great time piece needs to be the perfect marriage of both.

We knew from the beginning that we didn't simply want to be part of the status quo. Our desire is to create watches that stand out from the crowd and allow their simple elegance and steadfast reliability to speak for itself.

TAAKT watches are built to compliment your lifestyle, so that you can enjoy the most important thing: time, yours for the taking.



By default, we take the design and production of our watches very seriously. Ensuring the highest standards in design and development.

We design our watches to be a compliment your style, whether you’re at the gym, or a black tie event, then we ensure they are built with skill, by experts that cut no corners and love what they do.

The goal: To create a watch that is as versatile as you are, designed to supplement your style and keep you on time, wherever you’re going.