At TAAKT Watches, our motto is time for a purpose. Every design is created with you in mind. We want your signature watch to keep you on schedule without compromising style, whether you choose to pair it with a crisply cut suit or a pair of rugged dark wash jeans. 

On a deeper level, a watch marks the moments that make up our lives. It helps us balance work, social, and creative endeavors. With every glance at the hour, we hope your TAAKT watch reminds you that time is a finite resource - and it’s your responsibility and privilege to use it well. Intentionality is integral to the TAAKT watch wearer’s life.

The Details of a TAAKT Design

To us, a great timepiece is a mechanical marriage of form and function. Emphasizing smooth symmetry and refined lines, we strongly value quality over quantity. We use anti-reflective sapphire crystal for every watch, which is the highest tier material in the marketplace.

TAAKT Aspect Collection

This first collection from TAAKT was creatively inspired by a vintage camera lens, and the name Aspect is a nod to its photographical roots. To illustrate the source of our inspiration, consider how a photographer uses the aspect ratio of a photograph to emphasize a specific element in a picture. Our hope is that the wearer of an Aspect watch feels similarly inclined to “focus” their attention on the bigger picture elements of life, such as family, community, and career. An Aspect watch is more than a style choice; it is a statement announcing your intentional approach to every task you undertake.

Our professional yet practical watches complement any signature style. We proudly guarantee that each timepiece is built by a skilled expert who takes pride in their craft.