TAAKT’s Beginnings

This somewhat unexpected entrepreneurial endeavor all started with a classic camera lens and a 3D printer, if you can believe it. I’m proud that my timepieces still reflect the marriage of old and new that originally piqued my curiosity. The elegant, symmetrical designs of the Aspect Collection are refined with modern embellishments that modernize a classic wristwatch.

I’m an inventive guy, and one day I started looking at an old camera lens - and couldn’t stop. Fascinated, I wondered what I could do with the design and mechanics of this antique technology. The finished product was bulky and not very useful, but I was inspired to think bigger.

What if I made something smaller, sleeker, more useful? 

What if I could make watches - real, quality watches - inspired by the aspects of a classic camera lens?

As a tech and gadget guy, I decided to test out some non-functional watch designs on a 3D printer. It became more and more important to me as I tested different sizes, designs, and styles among my friends and family that my watches be for the modern and minimalist-minded man. Thus, the TAAKT aesthetic was born.

After selecting only the highest-quality manufacturers and materials, TAAKT Watches officially launched in 2018. Our first collection, the Aspect Collection, is available now.