Time for a Purpose: Perspective in a Pandemic

In the midst of a global pandemic, we are all experiencing a new normal. Our vocabulary is loaded with bizarre buzzwords like “social distancing” and “shelter in place.” Many of us are experiencing career changes, be it a transition to working from home or something more life-altering like a furlough or the loss of a job. Now that we’ve all been at this for a while, we’ve noticed that time seems to be a curious commodity these days.

The very fabric of time seems warped. Is it passing fast or slow? It seems slow, until you realize that you are on day #62 of quarantine. Suddenly, you wonder: What does TIME even mean when you barely leave the house and your entire routine is upended?

Is it TIME for a new perspective?

At TAAKT Watches, our motto is time for a purpose. We strongly believe in the value of focus in every aspect of your life. 

Our question for you is: What are you focused on right now?

Are you caught up in the media maelstrom? Or are you taking one day at a time, savoring the extra moments with family or roommates? Have you started a new creative endeavor? Worked at developing your side hustle? Started doing family game nights? Expanded your digital community?

Are you taking advantage of the gift of more TIME?

Because we truly do have more time now than ever before: Time when we used to commute. Time when we used to chat with coworkers. Time when we used to pursue community events and leisure activities.

We will likely - hopefully - never experience a phenomenon like this again. We encourage you to find your purpose during this extraordinary time. Pursue a wider perspective. And Focus on what matters.

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